My business grows through word of mouth and recommendation. Please read some of the testimonials that my lovely clients have taken the time to write.

“I have used & am using several of the Tropic beauty products … My favourite so far is the Body Love.   It is such an all round lovely cream & just suits me perfectly.   I’ve recently lost quite a lot of weight & use Body Love as a toner for my skin, just as one example of Body Love’s many attributes; it has reduced my stretch marks considerably & acts as a wonderful all over moisturising cream. I have used many similar type products over the years but this is second to none!”

“Another of my favourite of the Tropic products is the lipstick, as it moisturises, colours & enhances your lips with a wonderfully smooth gloss.  I wouldn’t be without it!  I have been highly impressed with all of the make-up that I have used from the Tropic Range so far.”

Used in the following treatments:  Make-Over Treatment, Bridal PackageProm Package

“I had a small operation (surgery) on my neck recently & after the initial healing process, I needed something to help reduce my scar tissue & soothe the sensitive area. I’ve been using Tamanu Healing Balm, which has been absolutely fantastic! My scar has visibly reduced to almost nothing & I am absolutely amazed at the powers of this wonderful product from the Tropic range! Every single product smells & feels so delicious & I am extremely impressed with every product I have used so far & would highly recommend Tropic to anyone.  These are just a few examples of the lovely Tropic Products that I have tried all recommended by Marie Halls. Many Thanks.” Angela, Stafford.

“I bought the eyeshadow palette & loved how vibrant the colour is & it stays in place all day with no creasing. Thanks.” Vanessa, Hanley

Used in the following treatments:  Make-Over Treatment, Bridal PackageProm Package

“I have recently been introduced to a number of Tropic Skincare products by Marie and without exception have found them to be extremely useful. I walk my dog in a wooded area and during the summer can occasionally come home with several mosquito bites. Marie suggested using Tropic’s Body Love. Pleasant to use and without any Deet, it does the job remarkably well. As part of my job, I occasionally work in warehouses and get covered in diesel soot. Even with industrial abrasive cleaners, I struggle to get my hands clean for several days after, but the Tropic Polishing Foot Pebble flaked onto a scrubbing brush does the job in one session. More recently, I have tried the deodorant as I have sensitive skin and cannot use the majority of products on the market. I am pleased to say that Tropic’s works well and produces no reaction. Richard, Stafford.

Used in the following treatments:  A Walk On The Beach Therapy ; Executive Pamper PackageThe Celebrity Pamper Package ; The Bridal Package ; and The Prom Package

All thereapies are carried out in my private therapy room in Stone, Staffordshire.

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