Skin conditions are your body’s way of telling you something is wrong

Skin conditions |Marie Halls Tropic Ambassador

Life is a daily battle for your skin – its tough and protective.

Centuries of evolution have enabled our bodies to guard against the elements of Mother Nature – the sun, the rain, the wind, and hot and cold temperature extremes. Yet if that wasn’t enough, modern life has thrown even more variables at us in the form of chemicals, foods, synthetic materials even indoor heating and air conditioning.

Skin is ingenious and even though it protects us from natural and artificial ‘enemies’ we need to protect it too. Skin needs nutrition, hydration and shelter.

New and improved skin

Skin cells regenerate every 27 days or so but that doesn’t mean skin remains healthy and unscathed. It’s the upper skin layers, or epidermis, that rejuvenate – think of it a bit like changing and washing your clothes so they remain clean. But what happens if you get an engrained stain or spill something on your clothes that has a destructive consequence? You might struggle to remove the substance or, worse still, the clothing may be damaged beyond repair.

The same can happen to your skin. The surface layers may regenerate but an underlying problem can be deeply rooted and stubborn to eliminate. Fortunately, skin has a way of visually showing us or allowing us to feel when something isn’t quite right:

• Changes in pigmentation
• Rash or blister
• Burns or irritation
• Spots
• Swelling
• Excessively dry or oily conditions

Skin conditions |Marie Halls Tropic Ambassador

ABC Skincare Collection and Tamanu Balm

Give your skin a boost

Food or animal allergens and biological reactions can cause havoc in your daily routine and even produce pain and negative emotions. Problematic yet quite common conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea and eczema is your skin’s way of fighting against something that’s not quite right. But you can take preventative measures to combat irritation and protect your skin.

Boosting your skin’s natural defences and nutrient levels with a shot of healthy “Super Greens” works in just the same way as eating healthy green veggies. Wholesome foods are building blocks to a healthy body, including your skin.

Oil doesn’t agree with everyone due to its texture but if your skin needs antioxidants and essential amino acids then “Organic Elixir Oil” could be the answer. “Tamanu Healing Balm” has a paste-like composition and is a good alternative to an oil that also soothes and restores.

With quality skincare, it takes less than 30 seconds for the substance applied to your skin, to be absorbed into your bloodstream and consequently be pumped around your body and organs. If it works for patches that aid quitting smoking, menopause, and heart conditions, then the same can be said for skincare creams, lotions and oils – quality or otherwise!

Pure, honest and effective skincare that works

Tropic skincare is pure, honest and effective. With so many artificial ingredients pumped into the foods we consume, and the creams, oils and lotions we apply, it’s refreshing to know that Tropic use only the purest naturally derived ingredients. The range is free from harmful toxic chemicals and is certified by the Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International.

Covering up against the sun with protective clothing or refraining from eating or drinking substances you know don’t agree with you is only part of the battle. We’re all different and there’s no guarantee that what works for Josie down the road will also work for you. That’s why it’s important to test the options and work out what measures you can take to guard against skin conditions caused by irritants – measures that work for you.

Take advantage of ‘try before you buy’

As a Tropic Ambassador, I offer a ‘try before you buy’ package. Following an initial consultation, which involves a comprehensive skin assessment, you can trial the recommended products for three or four days*. There are no guarantees so it’s crucial that you know a solution will work before investing in a skincare regime.

Contact me to organise a personal one-to-one consultation and let’s work on a regime that rejuvenates your skin and your self-confidence. Call 07799 602803 or email me here.

* Our try before you buy service is a chance for you to test the Tropic skincare range and although the time should be sufficient for you to start to see positive changes, some conditions may need more time.

Skin conditions |ABC Skincare Collection

ABC Skincare Collection